Top five things to do to stay cool and save money on energy bill

Replacing air filter in ceiling

With temperatures in the 90s, your HVAC unit is working overtime to keep your home at a comfortable 76 or 78 degrees. Here are five things you can do to keep cool even in south Mississippi summer heat.

  1. Replace your older HVAC unit. Newer units with higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings use less energy and help lower your energy bill.
  2. Keep ceiling fans on when in the room and set the thermostat a degree or two higher. Ceiling fans move air across your skin and help you feel cooler. You can raise your thermostat a degree or two, keep the ceiling fans on and feel cool while conserving energy. Don’t forget to turn off the fan when you leave the room.
  3. Change air filters once a month or as directed. A clean air filter will greatly increase the function and efficiency of your HVAC unit and that will help you keep your cool.
  4. Close drapery and blinds and keep doors (even your garage door) closed as much as possible. Closing blinds and drapery will insulate you from heat and shutting doors will keep your cool air inside your home or business.
  5. Wait to dry clothing until after sunset. Clothes dryers create heat in your home, which makes your HVAC work harder. They also use air you paid to cool and reheat it to dry the clothes.

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