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Singing River Electric warns consumer-members of phone scam

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Several consumer-members in our area have called to complain of a phone scam. Calls are being made in our area. Technology even allows these scammers to alter caller IDs to support their deceit.Callers often claim the member’s account is past due and demand payment over the phone to avoid disconnection of power. They may even ask you to purchase pre-paid debit cards and provide the account numbers on the backs of the card. DO NOT DO THIS. HANG UP, call local police or sheriff, or our Singing River Electric office.

Take utmost precautions when it comes to securing your personal information. Hang up if someone calls and demands payment over the phone. If you are unsure if your account is paid in full, you can call any of our published numbers including 601-947-4211 and 228-497-1313, or use your free SmartHub mobile app to view billing and payment information from anywhere, 24/7.

Singing River Electric facts:

  • Cooperative employees never call members and demand payment.
  • All employees have a Singing River Electric Cooperative identification badge, and may wear a uniform and drive vehicles with our logo on the door.
  • If you feel unsafe with any caller or visitor on your property, hang up or do not answer the door.
  • Call Singing River Electric at 228-497-1313 or 61-947-4211 to verify employee identification.

Scam Prevention Tips:

  • Hang up immediately if someone calls you and demands payment on your electric account to avoid disconnection of service.
  • Call Signing River Electric at 228-497-1313 or 61-947-4211 or download the free SmartHub app to check your current account balance and payment information.
  • Never give any personal or banking information over the phone to someone who calls you and threatens electric disconnection for your past due bill.
  • Never open the door to any strangers.
  • Call Singing River Electric at 228-497-1313 or 61-947-4211 to verify employee identification.

For more information, visit our website at

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