Electrical Fire Safety

Smoke Damage and Soot on Power Outlet due to electrical fireCharging a cell phone, flipping a light switch and plugging in a coffee maker are all second nature for most of us. Electricity is something we could not easily live without, however it is also something to be greatly respected. Always be cautious and keep safety in mind.

Here are top 10 tips to keep in mind about electrical fire safety.

  1. Replace or repair damaged or loose electrical cords.
  2. Shut off electrical equipment that produces odd smells, sounds or sparks. Have the device checked by a qualified technician.
  3. If outlets feel warm, discontinue use and contact a qualified or licensed electrician.
  4. In homes with small children, make sure to use tamper resistant (TR) receptacles.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when plugging an appliance into an outlet.
  6. Use ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and outdoor spaces near water.
  7. Avoid overloading outlets, multi-plug devices and circuits.
  8. Keep and maintain fire extinguishers rated for kitchen and electrical fire applications in your home or business.
  9. Read instructions on lamps and use bulbs with the recommended wattage.
  10. Arc-fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) should be installed in your home to protect electrical outlets.