Power Line Safety

Electricity makes our lives easier and improves our quality of life. However, power lines that carry that electricity should always be treated with respect. These power lines carry electricity from the generating plants, through substations and over to our homes.

Here are some important things to remember about power line safety:

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume a downed power line is live and life threatening. Be cautious when clearing debris after a storm as power lines may be hidden and tangled in the debris. Stay in the area to prevent anyone from going near the downed power line and call either 911, 601-947-4211 or any Singing River Electric office to report the danger.
  • Never drive over a downed line or under a low-hanging line. If a power line hits your car while you are inside it, stay put and call 911. If you must evacuate the vehicle, jump clear of the vehicle and do not touch any of the metal and ground at the same time. Shuffle away from the vehicle keeping both feet on the ground.
  • Never climb trees near power lines. Remember: electricity is always looking for the quickest path to ground.
  • Never climb power poles or substation fences. A typical overhead distribution power line has 13,200 volts per wire. This can deliver a deadly shock. Substation fences are placed there to keep you out and safe.
  • Always keep ladders, antennas, kites, poles, boat masts and farming equipment away from power lines. You could be killed or injured if you are holding or working with any of these items and they come in contact with a power line.