Prepared: After the Storm

Broken pole and lines after a stormIt is important to call SRE and report your power outage so it can be scheduled for repairs, even during a storm.

Restoring Power
As soon as Singing River Electric is notified of a power outage, our trained dispatchers begin assigning servicemen or crews to the outage. The first step of the serviceman is to drive to the location and access the situation. If additional crews or manpower are needed, the serviceman will radio dispatch for support or additional materials.

During a large outage or storm, SRE follows an overall restoration plan to restore the greatest number of people as quickly as possible.

It is not possible for any utility to restore power to one house or one business (even a hospital) without first making repairs up the line (the substation or transmission line). You can repair broken poles and get the system ready to receive power, but repairs must be made in the order that electricity flows, all the way down to the end user. For that reason, it is also not possible to guarantee power to any member even in a medical situation. Please make sure to have an evacuation plan in the event of a storm or extended power outage if electricity is a critical, medical need in your home.

Staying safe
Stay away from all downed power lines. Beware of power lines not visible and tangled in debris.