Prepared: Before the Storm

Hurricane survival kit on a tablePreparation is the key to success in any crisis. When a storm threatens, Singing River Electric activates its Storm Preparedness and Restoration Plan which guides advance preparation, damage assessment and power restoration. You can be prepared as well. Stay turned to local media for weather reports, have a family disaster plan and always think safety first.

Get Ready (Planning)

  • Update your contact information.
  • Print out important numbers (SRE contact numbers, banking numbers, passwords, etc…).
  • Download SRE’s Power of Preparation Guide and MEMA’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide
  • Prepare your home or business
    • Trim trees and secure outdoor furniture
    • Charge cell phones
    • Check supplies in your emergency preparedness kit
    • Secure a battery-operated radio
    • Stock food, water and medical supplies for your family and your pets
    • Fill bathtubs and sinks with water to flush toilets
    • Set refrigerator on coldest setting and keep doors closed to keep food cold
  • Review your evacuation plan with family and how you will reach each other following the storm
  • Know how SRE is preparing:
    • We have a tried and tested Storm Preparedness and Restoration Plan which is updated and drilled annually.
    • Employees are preassigned service areas and materials are placed in strategic locations before the storm.
    • Partnerships are prearranged with local vendors to house and feed out-of-town crews if necessary.
    • SRE maintains state-of-the-art technology, including the Outage Management System/ Interactive Voice Recognition System, to allow dispatchers to quickly assign crews and dramatically reduce outage time.

Stay Informed

  • Stay tuned to local media broadcast for storm updates and evacuation notices.

Preparedness Resources: