Report a Power Outage

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Members can REPORT A POWER OUTAGE quickly by:

  • Downloading the SmartHub app to any mobile device and selecting the “Report an Outage” icon.
  • Dial ANY Singing River Electric office number and pressing “1” to report the outage.
  • Contact Us

View Singing River Electric’s LIVE OUTAGE MAP anytime and anywhere by:

Singing River Electric’s dispatch and phone centers work quickly when restoring a power outage. Technology has recently sped up the process. SRE’s Outage Management System (OMS) works in tandem with the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system to collect outage information. Time saved here helps speed the process for assigning outages to servicemen and gets the lights back on faster. The system can even call the member back once power is restored.

To speed restoration and for the outage technology to work as intended, it is crucially important SRE has your UPDATED CONTACT INFORMATION.

If the system is able to recognize the phone number used to call in the outage (up to three numbers can be saved),  it greatly shortens the time it takes to assign the outage and speeds repairs.