Safety Programs

Singing River Electric has many safety programs including employee education, member education and public education.

In our daily lives, it’s easy to take electricity for granted. We flip a switch, and our lights come on. But it’s also easy to forget the risks, especially when you can’t see the dangers. Be aware everywhere, and stay safe around electricity.

Our extensive safety education campaign for employees involves monthly meetings, an outside and inside safety committee and safety manual that is strictly followed by employees and management.

In addition to keep our personnel safe, Singing River Electric has a goal to keep members safe at all times. Trained staff and linemen put into action SRE’s member and public education campaign by visiting with more than 8,000 children and adults each year. Our Safety City Demonstration is effective in showing the dangers of contact with electricity at home, at work and play. With a small amount of electric current flowing through the display, spectators can see just how important it is to look up and live. Sparks fly from the miniature farm tools, ladders and vehicles as they come in contact with the power line. Spectators are amazed and quickly learn to respect electricity and what to do in an emergency situation. SRE members can call any Singing River Electric office to schedule “Safety City” presentation.

To schedule a Safety City demonstration for your school or community group, contact Singing River Electric’s safety coordinator, Jason Havard at

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