Ways to Receive Bill


  • Online billing can be set up by clicking on the “Pay Bill” button in the top left of your screen and signing up for online payments. You will receive an email reminder of when your bill is due and an email confirmation that your payment has been received. All transactions are completed using Secure Socket Layer account technology.
  • Paperless billing is easy. Log in to your account. Click on the “Stop/Start Print Bill” link on left side bar. Uncheck the box that says, “Send me statement by email.” Please make sure the email address you use to log in is the same email you want to use for paperless billing.
  • Mail
  • Summary/Invoice billing is for members who have more than one account and would like a summary bill statement.
  • Budget billing – If your account is current and you meet the requirements, you can request to be placed on budget billing. Your monthly billing statements would then be averaged based on a 12-month average that is re-adjusted in January and July of each year. You pay the average bill and are able to budget that amount monthly to avoid sharp increases due to seasonal fluctuations in energy use.