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Appliance Calculator

This application uses local weather and SRE's energy costs to give you estimate totals for differing amounts of energy use by appliances. The appliances are divided by rooms, heating and cooling and inside or outside the home.

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Lighting Calculator

The lighting calculator uses member input on number and type of bulbs and hours of use to calculate both annual kilowatt-hour and cost savings. The application also addresses CO2 savings per bulb used.

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TV Calculator

Pay your bill online quickly and easily using
the Smarthub app for Android and iOS.

This application considers the size and type of television, as well as hours used for weekdays and weekends. It uses SRE energy costs to show annual kilowatt-hour and cost savings depending on the number of TVs in the home.

In addition, we have two types of ENERGY AUDITS: Online and In-home.

If you would like more information about how you can save in your home, doing an online energy audit is a great way to start. Our interactive tools allow you to use information about your home to determine what you can do to make your home operate more efficiently. Our online HomeEnergyCalculator lets you see various scenarios for your home and how they affect your energy use.

For more information about savings, the 101 Ways To Save brochure is a great resource.

If you still have questions after you’ve completed the online energy audit, you can contact our energy efficiency experts for help. Singing River Electric’s In-Home Energy Audit is a service provided to members like you to help you understand and manage your electric use.

The In-Home Audit is completed by one of Singing River Electric’s energy services representatives. The representative will inspect the home, ask questions about electric use patterns, and recommend energy-saving improvements designed to lower electric bills. Representatives do not perform any technical analysis on electrical systems or HVAC systems that include gauges or metering of any kind. This audit is for Singing River Electric members only and is free.

Please contact your local energy services representative:

  • Nick DeAngelo - C.E.M., BPI Certified Professional - 228-497-1313, x2349
  • Jeff Gray - BPI Certified Professional - 228-497-1313, x2309
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Track My Energy Use

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