Comfort Advantage

Comfort Advantage - An Energy Efficient Home Program

Comfort Advantage is SRE’s standard for building an energy-efficient home. The program was created specifically for south Mississippi’s region and climate, and has evolved into a proven method for building an energy-efficient home.

Comfort Advantage programs and services offer Singing River Electric members knowledge, cash incentives and peace of mind.

The program is focused around the use of an energy-efficient heat pump. There are several types of heat pumps and it is important to find the best fit for your home. Singing River Electric’s professionally trained staff can review your building plans and advise you before you start the building process.

Comfort Advantage is designed to help our members minimize their energy consumption while maintaining a desirable, comfortable home. Comfort Advantage is a component of Singing River Electric’s overall efforts to minimize our peak demand and reduce energy costs. This lowers the end cost of power to our members.


Comfort Advantage for New Homes
Comfort Advantage for Existing Homes
Heat Pump Rebates

Contact your local Singing River Electric energy expert to see how you can get the Comfort Advantage.