Budget Billing

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is designed to help modernize and simplify your billing experience.

With a strong focus on innovation, Singing River Electric offers several billing options to help meet your needs as a member. Get familiar with Budget Billing by reading up on the answers to these frequently asked questions:

Budget billing averages your monthly billing statements based on a 12-month average that is re-adjusted in January and July of each year. You pay the average bill, are able to budget for your electric bill each month and avoid sharp increases due to the seasonal fluctuation of electricity usage.

Budget Billing is a service available for Singing River Electric members whose service has been established for 12 months. The member’s account must be paid in full when signing up for Budget Billing, and the account must have been in good standing for the entire calendar year.

This option allows members to have a more consistently priced bill year-round, even during high-energy consumption seasons. By reducing the variation in monthly bills, members can more accurately budget each month.

Budget Billing takes a yearly average of your energy use and determines your monthly payment. Your actual monthly energy use is still monitored and recorded, and the amount of your Budget Billing is then adjusted twice a year, depending upon your current energy consumption. It is still the members’ responsibility to manage their energy use to lower the amount of their bill.

Visit any Singing River Electric office or call 601-947-4211 or 228-497-1313.

Budget Billing is easy.

Visit any Singing River Electric office or call 601-947-4211 or 228-497-1313.

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