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We want to be your trusted source for power and information about solar and renewable energies. Download and have your solar installer complete the appropriate application and interconnection agreements to be returned to us.

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Stay safe around solar panels.

Stay safe around solar panels.

A solar panel’s disconnect switch only disconnects the home from the panel. If the sun is shining, the panels still generate power and can cause a shock.

  • Keep a safe distance from solar panels—at least 10 feet.
  • Don’t walk on solar panels.
  • Don’t cut any wiring.
  • Don’t touch broken panels.
  • Circle the building. Follow any solar-identified electrical conduit to locate solar panels.
  • If possible, disconnect the panels. The panels will still generate power.
  • Cover the panels. Use a black or blue tarp to block any light shining onto the panels.
  • Spray water, if needed to extinguish a fire safely.
  • Call 911 and notify the operator that you have solar panels. 
  • If possible, disconnect the solar array. The panels will still generate power. 
  • Wait for first responders. Remind them that you have solar panels. 

Why Solar?

An Introduction to Solar Energy

Solar Education

How does a solar panel convert sunlight to electricity? How many light bulbs can be powered by one panel? And why does this matter? Simple. It’s because solar energy is one of the leading fuel sources of the future.

That’s why we’re passionate about providing education on solar energy. Our Members Singing River Electric and Coast Electric are developing innovative educational programs to spread the word about solar. By hosting school and community groups and conducting solar site tours, we’re teaching the community about solar power in fun, entertaining and memorable ways. Check it out!

Interpretive site signs explain the solar process in an “at-a-glance” format.

Our Member small-scale solar sites at Singing River Electric are open for group tours. Schedule one today!

Solar Energy Resources

Cooperative solar is part of Cooperative Energy's diverse and balanced generation mix that includes renewable sources like solar and hydroelectricity. This type of
solar generation benefits everyone in the community. However if you decide you want more, we can help walk you through the process. Talk to us prior to
installation. Our trained engineers and professionals are ready to assist you and your solar provider

10 Steps to Take
Before Installing Solar

Solar Energy
Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Systems:
Which Size Is Right for You?

Questions to Ask a
Solar Contractor

Committed to alternative energy so the future is bright.

Heat pumps

  Clean & green

Solar power is a leading form of environmentally friendly energy. Panels are used to collect sunlight, which is then converted into electricity.

  Small solar sites

We currently operate nine small-scale solar sites at Coahoma, Coast, Delta, Dixie, Magnolia, Singing River, Southern Pine, Twin County, and Yazoo Valley electric power cooperatives. Each installation is 100 kilowatts or less. Starting with small solar facilities across the state allowed us to determine the best location, technology and proper configurations for future solar facilities. We’re making certain our investments are sound, economical and successful for our members.

   Mixing in solar

A diverse energy portfolio helps balance any significant cost increase of a single fuel source. Ours includes natural gas, coal, nuclear and hydropower, another alternative energy source. Adding solar is an example of our commitment to making renewable energy a larger part of our generation mix.

green-iconsNewest solar venture

Our 52MW solar energy facility in Lamar County is up and running. Origis Energy constructed and operates the electric generation site. Cooperative Energy purchases all power produced at the location. The site covers 540 acres and is home to approximately 208,000 photovoltaic solar panels.

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