Pay As You Go

Prepay for your electricity as you use it—you’re in control!

Prepay for your electricity as you use it—you’re in control!

Just like putting gasoline in your car, with this prepayment program, you’re in total control of your energy usage and costs. Add money into your account daily, weekly, or as your budget allows. You get to decide.

Prepay - what's the difference?
Traditional Bill PrePay
How much are my electric rates? Same Same
Is a deposit required? Yes No*
Are any late fees charged? Yes No

*We do not charge a deposit, however, there is a connect fee of $35, a $5 membership fee, and a $50 credit to start the account. ($90 total).

Monitoring your account is easy!


Register for a SmartHub account (payment preferences are saved)

Use PayNow if you want to make a quick, single payment


Call any Singing River Electric office and press “3” for our automated phone system


Add the SmartHub app on your mobile device or tablet

Email and courtesy call notifications

If your account goes below the $25 threshold, you can receive an email or text. If your phone number changes, it’s your responsibility to notify SRE.

How do I sign up?

  • Complete an application.

  • SRE will review your application to set up your PrePay account and determine your refund deposit, if applicable.

FAQ’s about PrePay

If it’s easier for you to make smaller daily and weekly payments when you wish rather than one payment each month, this is a great program to use. Likewise, you can add funds to your account to cover your electricity needs for several months or a longer period.

The program makes it easier to manage electric bills to fit a monthly budget.

Statistics indicate that participating in the Prepay program helps lower electric consumption because you are more aware of your energy use.

It’s FREE! A minimum balance of $50 is needed to get your account started. This $50 balance goes toward your future electricity usage. You can purchase any amount of energy you would like going forward, as long as you keep your PrePay account balance above zero.

Think of it like putting gasoline in your car: you fill up your tank, and, daily, you use up some of the gasoline. When you need more gas, you fill it up again. With PrePay, the balance in your account decreases as you use electricity. When your balance gets low, simply add additional funds to your account. You choose when and how much. Plus, you won’t have any fees or deposit charges while on this program.

Your PrePay account balance will calculate daily. It includes electricity used for that day, part of the monthly service charge, any taxes and/or city fees, and any payments received.

If your account balance reaches zero, your electric service will be suspended. Electric service will resume after receiving a payment which creates a positive balance in your account. To stop service and avoid recurring charges, you must contact SRE.

Yes, but if you joined the program to avoid deposit charges or had the deposit refunded to your account and you have or have a previous balance, the balance must be paid in full.

Once SRE receives your application, we will refund your deposit and calculate how much electricity you’ve used since your last regular billing. This usage can either be paid in full at the time of your account transfer or set up as an arrangement to be paid over time. If you have a previous balance, you will need to pay the difference. Accounts with an arrangement will have 25% of each payment applied to that outstanding usage until paid. Once paid in full, 100% of your payments will be applied toward future electricity.