Ways to Save

Looking for ways to stay cool this summer?

We can help you stay cool and save.

Do a little. Save a lot.

Everything you do - from flipping a switch to upgrading your lighting - can add up to big savings for your home and family. From replacing an electric furnace with an energy-efficient heat pump to changing our your five most used bulbs to LEDs, doing a little, can help you save a lot.


We are your partner and source for power and information. Singing River Electric's website gives members access to free home energy calculators, brochures, and contact information to our energy specialists who are trained to visit member homes for free personalized home energy audits.


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101 Easy Ways to Save

Save energy and money with these simple tips:

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You have already downloaded the SmartHub app and are tracking your energy use, but may be wondering what else you can do. These energy tips cover areas such as heating and cooling, lighting, insulation and infiltration, appliances, and cooking. There are also some seasonal tips to help lower energy use at all times of the year.

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Comfort Advantage is a recognized standard for energy-efficient construction and quality products for the home and business. The benefits of Comfort Advantage are promoted by electric cooperatives who provide electric service to more than 400,000 Mississippi homes and businesses.

Efficiency Resources

Here are some additional efficiency resources. You can become the ultimate weekend warrior in your home with a simple click. Take the Home Energy Adventure Tour, download the brochure or video, contact one of SRE's energy experts to learn about how you can save energy and money at home.


A Singing River Electric energy expert can partner with you to find just the right resources, rebates and information, to create an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly home.

Please contact one of our representatives:

Jeff Gray
Energy Services Representative
Residential and small business
228-497-1313, x 2309

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Gabe Robbins
Energy Services Representative
Residential and small business
601-947-4211, x2054


Nick DeAngelo, C.E.M.
Manager of Energy Services
228-497-1313, x2349

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Energy Star promotional logo ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. Learn more about ENERGY STAR.

Learn ways to save and information about energy-saving products and more.

  • Comfort Advantage is a recognized standard for energy-efficient new home construction and home renovation.
  • Heat Pump Rebates offer greater savings to SRE members who replace an electric or gas furnace with a new heat pump.
  • Track and manage your energy use with the SmartHub app.
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Energy Calculators

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Take the Home Energy Adventure Tour to learn about how you can save energy and money at home.