Heat Pumps

Heat pump - outside unitLower energy costs and increase your comfort level with an energy-efficient heat pump.  Installing an energy-efficient heat pump can keep your home comfortable while lowering your energy cost year round. It is the most advanced and efficient heating and cooling system available today.

Heat Pumps are able to keep you warm in the winter while keeping your cool in the summer with the same advanced technology.

Rebate Info: SRE has a $400 rebate (for the first unit and $150 per unit for additional units) for members replacing an electric furnace or gas furnace with a new electric heat pump in a residential home they own.

Choose the best heat pump for your home:

  • Air Source Heat Pump – This is the most common electric heat pump. The outdoor heat pump unit uses outdoor air to transfer heat and either heat or cool your home. There are two types of air source heat pumps: the packaged heat pump, which are self contained, and split system heat pumps, which are more common and are made up of an inside and outside unit.
  • Geothermal Heat Pump – This type of heat pump uses the near-constant temperature of the Earth’s ground or underground water to absorb or dissipate heat and keep the home at a steady, comfortable temperature.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Ductless Heat Pumps (ductless heat pumps) – These mini-split and multi-split systems function much like traditional heat pumps. A ductless system, however, has one or more wall or ceiling mounted indoor units that are connected to an outside unit by refrigerant lines.

Singing River Electric’s trained professional energy experts can help review your building or remodeling plans and recommend the right size and type to keep your family comfortable year round.