Nest Pilot Project

Nest Pilot website image

You may be eligible to receive a FREE Nest thermostat!

Singing River Electric is participating in a Nest Thermostat pilot project in conjunction with our generation and transmission cooperative, Cooperative Energy.

Nest thermostats learn behaviors of homeowners and work to lead homeowners to increased efficiency and savings on power bills. This pilot program will study the savings and benefits of the Nest thermostat with co-op members.

Singing River Electric needs qualified members to participate in this FREE pilot program. The homes must have:

  • All electric
  • No secondary heat source, other than a fireplace
  • No pools
  • 2-5 occupants
  • Must have lived in home at least one year
  • Can be new home, pre-Katrina or post-Katrina existing home
  • Access to wifi
  • Pre-Katrina homes constructed 1999-2000, size: 1800-2300
  • Post-Katrina homes constructed 2006-2011, size: 1550-1850
  • New Homes constructed 2015-2017, size: 1950-2300

Additional criteria exist. For more information or to see if you may qualify, contact Nick DeAngelo ( Deadline to submit your name for consideration is Friday, April 6, 2018. Applications will be considered on a first come, first qualified basis. See attachment for more details.