Girl in swimming pool in a lemon slice pool float holding orange ring slices in front of her eyes

Make a Splash This Summer With an Energy Star Pool Pump

With an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump, pools are just better! Don’t lose out on big energy savings and other benefits. Pool pumps can be your home’s second largest energy user, adding about $500 every year to your energy bills? A pool pump that has earned the ENERGY STAR:

  • Uses up to 70% less energy than standard pool pumps.
  • Saves you up to $350 per year in energy bills, and even more with a rebate.
  • Delivers payback on your extra investment in less than two years!

ENERGY STAR certified pool pumps save energy by using different speeds for different tasks versus the same high speed regardless of task like conventional pool pumps use. So not only will you get big energy savings, you’ll also get high performance. Don’t wait! Take the plunge with ENERGY STAR and start saving now and all summer long.

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