Solar panels at Cooperative Energy's Lucedale site

Considering solar? We can help.

The sun shines on Mississippi. Let's use it to power Mississippi.Whether you are considering cooperative solar or private (rooftop) solar, Singing River Electric can help. Our trained engineers and professionals are ready to assist and bring the benefit of solar to anyone who wants it.

As a member of Singing River Electric Cooperative, you automatically benefit from cooperative solar. Cooperative Energy’s power sources include five small-scale 100 kilowatt solar sites located in the state and one large-scale, 52 MW solar facility in Lamar County. The larger site covers 540 acres and includes approximately 208,000 photovoltaic solar panels.

So how does this benefit Singing River Electric members?

Cooperative Energy, headquartered in Hattiesburg, Miss.,  is a generation and transmission electric cooperative that provides all power for Singing River Electric and ten other electric distribution cooperatives across the state. These solar sites are part of Cooperative Energy’s base power load and contribute to the source that lights your home when you flip the switch.

What if you want more solar?

If you would like to increase the use of solar, Cooperative Energy also supports the member’s choice of private or rooftop solar. The availability of federal tax credits have boosted installation of these private, residential solar systems. Contact our energy professionals to discuss the solar interconnection process.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing Cooperative Energy’s interconnection documents and discussing the distributed generation rate for renewable energy purchased by Cooperative Energy – $0.045/kWh.
  • Reviewing the member’s custom private solar system plans, prior to installation to ensure a better installation process for installer and member.
  • Discussing the need for battery back up on a private solar installation in order to fully support the energy needs of your home.
  • Ensuring attention to electric safety for the SREC member and linemen. If Singing River Electric is unaware of interconnected solar panels generating electricity during a power outage, they can back feed onto power lines and risk the lives of linemen and others near the home and connected power lines.

For more information, visit our Solar Energy section on the website or contact any of our solar energy professionals.