Curious about how you used more energy this winter?

The answers could be in the palm of your hand.

After receiving this month’s power bills, many of us asked, “I know it was very cold, but how did I use that much electricity?”

Singing River Electric provides free tools that are very helpful when studying your energy use.

One tool is the free SmartHub app, which can be downloaded on any Apple or Android mobile device. Each month’s bill is shown as a bar graph displaying daily power use and the temperature.

By studying the graphs, you can see which days were higher energy use days. Those days will often have the lowest temperatures, as energy use is significantly impacted by weather.

In addition to studying your energy use, members can also pay their bill, report a power outage, view a live outage map, or contact the cooperative.

If studying your daily use on the SmartHub app doesn’t answer your questions, Singing River Electric offers free energy audits. Our trained energy professionals visit your home and suggest ways you can save on your power bill.

Visit to download the SmartHub app, or call any Singing River Electric office to speak to an energy expert directly.