Dropping temps can cause a rise in power bills

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean your power bill has to rise with it. Take time to conserve while staying comfortable this fall.

Remember these tips:

  • Set your thermostat for 68° or lower.
  • Dress for the weather, even indoors. Keep your shoes and sweater on to keep from raising the heat.
  • Layer blankets on your bed and lower the thermostat while you sleep several degrees. Program it to raise the temperature 10-15 minutes prior to your alarm for added comfort.
  • Lower the thermostat while you are away. Every degree of difference lower than 68° will save your around 5 percent.
  • Harness the heat of the sun by opening drapes and blinds in sunny windows and closing them at sundown.
  • Use space heaters sparingly, if all, and only while you are in the room.

For more tips to conserve, be comfortable and save money, see our heating and cooling tips on our Ways to Save page.