Five tips to stay warm this winter

The sustained cold we have been experiencing in January will create higher electric bills due to the amount of energy it takes to heat a home. There are few things you can do to limit energy use while keeping warm and safe.

1. Open drapes during the day to let in the warmth of the sun, and close them after the sun goes down to keep out the cold.

2. Dress for the season, even indoors. Wear layers inside, and keep your shoes on.

3. Close the fireplace damper when not in use. An open flue will force heated air in your home outside and cause your heating system to work harder to keep you comfortable.

4. Add extra blankets to beds at night, and lower your heating setting a few degrees while you sleep.

5. Avoid using space heaters, which are energy hogs. If you do use space heaters, keep safety in mind.

Use the SmartHub app to check your daily and weekly energy use. If you do not have the SmartHub app, download it for free at Remember: the recommended winter thermostat setting is 68 degrees; however, by adding layers and blankets at night, you can lower this setting a few degrees and save on your electric bill. Every small effort to conserve will help increase savings. Heating systems are running all day and night to keep your home warm. Check SRE’s website and social media channels (Facebook and Instagram/SingingRiverElectric and Twitter/SRECooperative) for more information on how to conserve energy and save money.