Hurricane Sally’s effect on southeast Mississippi

As a category 2 hurricane, Sally made landfall over Gulf Shores, Alabama in the early morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020. Effects were felt as far west as southeast Mississippi.

“At the peak, we had 9,522 meters out due to the storm on Wednesday,” said General Manager and CEO Brian Hughey. “Our crews aided by contract and rights-of-way crews were able to restore power that same day to all meters accessible by land.” Remaining members along the river were restored the next day.

Prior to any storm, SRE works to assign crews and position materials and equipment in strategic locations. This helps speed restorations. Following the storm, employees work to safely restore power to the most members as quickly as possible. There is a system that works repairs from transmission lines, to substations and on to residential members.

“I’m proud of this solid effort from our team of employees and appreciative for the patience and support of Singing River Electric members.,” said Hughey.