March bills will reflect February energy use

Power bills this month will reflect energy use in February.

“February brought cold weather with more than half the nights in the 30s, 20s and some teens,” said manager of energy services Nick DeAngelo. “The bills in March will reflect the cold and the increase in energy used to keep homes warm.”

When the weather is 19°, the heater must work many hours during the evening and early morning to keep your home at your preferred 68° setting while making up a nearly 50° difference in temperatures between outdoors and inside. Extreme or sustained cold can really make a difference in power bills. This difference can be seen by downloading the SmartHub app and monitoring your energy use on a weekly and monthly basis.

“The charts show the power use daily throughout the week or month and correlate use data bars with a temperature line on the graph,” said DeAngelo. It is a very visual reference to show how much energy members use and the heater is the highest energy user in the home.

“Even if you didn’t touch the thermostat and kept it at 68° the whole month, the milder weeks would not see a spike, however the really cold days and nights would show dramatically more energy use,” DeAngelo stated.

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