Move over for roadside crews!

Moving over for police, firefighters, utility crews, road crews, and other emergency personnel on the side of the road isn’t just polite – it’s a Mississippi law. It’s also a law in many surrounding states.

Protecting line and construction crews is a top priority for all Mississippi electric cooperatives. According to Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi Vice President of Government Relations Paul Purnell, Mississippi was the second state to add utility workers under the Move Over Law’s protection. Electric contract crews are protected by the same law.

“Move Over is not only a good law but also the courteous thing to do,” said Singing River Electric Safety Manager Jason Havard. “Our crews already perform dangerous work to keep the lights on every day. We work to ensure their work environments are as safe as possible, but here we need your help.”

If you’re traveling and see a crew up ahead and there is more than one lane on your side of the road, move over to the farthest lane from the working crew. Slow down as you go by the crew. Pay attention to road signs and driving conditions to keep control of your car as you pass the working crew. Eliminate all distractions as distracted driving can be deadly.

“We want to make sure each and every crew member returns home to their family,” said Havard.

April 11-15 is National Work Zone Awareness Week. It’s a great time to discuss the Move Over law with teenage drivers and family members. Help us ensure our linemen return to their families as they work to keep your life bright. Remember to drive safe, work safe and save lives.

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