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Singing River Electric and its members are reaching out to help the community through Neighbors Helping Neighbors or NHN Energy Assistance. In this program, SRE members check the box on the top of their billing statement or fill out this form to allow their current and future bills to round up to the nearest whole dollar and help their neighbor. (Donations range from 1¢ to 99¢ each month and average only $6 per year.) Contributions are then given to a local United Way organization to be used as a one-time annual distribution to qualified SRE members who cannot pay their electric bill.

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  • NHN Energy Assistance is a round-up program in which Singing River Electric members choose to round-up their bill each month to the nearest whole dollar. The rounded-up portion of the bill is used to assist those in the community who cannot pay their power bill. Donations range from 1¢ to 99¢ each month and average only $6 per year. Click here for more information on the program.

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