SRE employee presenting Nest thermostat to member for pilot program

Your home has smart options to help you save.

Singing River Electric recently participated in a Nest Thermostat pilot project with our power provider, Cooperative Energy.

Many products today partner technology with simplicity. Smart thermostats are one such item. They learn homeowner behaviors and work through technology to lead the user to increased efficiency and savings on power bills. Cooperative Energy recently initiated a Nest Pilot Program to study the effectiveness and benefits of smart thermostats in local homes and Mississippi’s climate.

By setting and adjusting the Nest thermostat in the first weeks, the unit is able to learn the user’s preferred settings and scheduling. The thermostat then suggests settings to the user through emails and the Nest app, and users can earn green leaves for choosing efficient settings meant to guide them toward increased savings.

“We absolutely love it,” said Singing River Electric member Tori Brockway. “We participated in the pilot program and love that the Nest thermostat has an app that allows us to adjust the thermostat by phone. It also tells me how many leaves I have earned and how I compare to other local users.” Nest allows this young mother added convenience and  and time with her daughters, which is priceless.

The pilot program has completed the asking for volunteers phase. Information about this program was placed in the member publication, The Today in Mississippi, and on social media. For more information about the pilot program and future results of the study, contact manager of facilities and members services Nick DeAngelo at