Repowering a power plant and keeping jobs in Mississippi

2020 was a pivotal year in Cooperative Energy’s (CE), SRE’s generation and transmission partner, generation fleet transformation. CE crews neared the halfway mark on the Morrow Repower Project, the largest project in the Cooperative’s 79-year history. The new 550 MW unit at the R.D. Morrow, Sr. Generating Station will offer increased generating capacity and operational flexibility not possible with the site’s original two coal units. Converting a 40+ year-old plant into a modern, efficient, natural gas-fired plant is no easy feat, but it is one from which one million Mississippians will reap benefits for decades to come.

Repowering Plant Morrow not only reenergizes Mississippi, but represents money and jobs saved by keeping the work done in-house by CE’s experienced and qualified employees. The repowered Plant Morrow in Lamar County will achieve commercial operation in 2023 and will save electric co-op members millions of dollars statewide. It is the fulfillment of a CE mission to provide fellow Mississippians with a better quality of life.

Singing River Electric has an 83-year heritage of providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity to our local communities where we call home. SRE serves more than 76,600 meters across 7,556 miles of power lines in seven counties in Mississippi (Jackson, George, Greene, Perry, Stone, Wayne and Harrison) and two counties in Alabama (Mobile and Washington). The electric distribution cooperative works with Cooperative Energy to provide its members a diverse mix of generation resources including five small-scale solar sites locally and a 540-acre solar site in Lamar County. For more information, follow our conversations on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.