Singing River Connect reaches 1,000 fiber internet subscribers

Singing River Connect recently installed fiber internet service for its 1,000th subscriber. Vancleave residents Timothy and Katrina Lassiter received a 32” smart TV to celebrate this milestone.

“Congratulations to the Lassiters, and thanks to them for being SR Connect subscribers,” said Brian Hughey, General Manager and CEO of Singing River Electric/SR Connect. “Our fiber network is growing steadily, and the feedback about the speed and quality of the service is overwhelmingly positive.”

SR Connect is currently offering high-speed fiber internet to Phase 1 which includes the Brewer community in Greene, Perry, and Wayne counties, Jackson County’s Vestry and Lake O Pines areas, and parts of George County’s Agricola community. This phase was recently expanded to include Singing River Electric’s entire Aleco substation area north of Vancleave and the entire Agricola substation area.

Because of Phase 1’s success, Singing River Electric’s board of directors approved SR Connect’s Phase 2 which will potentially reach more than 12,000 fiber subscribers in George, Greene, Jackson, Perry, and Wayne counties. Areas in Phase 2 will be announced in the coming months as they open for sign-ups.

Timothy Lassiter (center) receives a smart TV for being SR Connect’s 1,000th subscriber presented by SR Connect representatives Stephanie Chisholm and Brandon Welford.

SR Connect, a broadband affiliate of Singing River Electric, provides fiber internet service with the speed and reliability needed to power smart home and streaming devices, as well as the freedom to work or go to school from home and access telemedicine resources. Visit to express an interest and see if SR Connect is installing fiber internet in your area. Join our conversations on Facebook/Instagram (SingingRiverConnect) and Twitter (SRConnectMS) for more information.