Hands holding phone displaying energy use graph from SmartHub

Take Charge of your Energy Use with SmartHub

It has been said that “knowledge is power.” And that’s is exactly what Singing River Electric’s SmartHub app offers: knowledge and power. This free app offers members access to their home’s daily kilowatt-hour readings and gives insight into how outside temperatures may have impacted your home’s energy usage.

Since heating and cooling typically account for nearly 50 percent of your electric bill, the previous billing period graphic is an invaluable tool to members.

Winter Bills with SmartHub

The daily energy use feature gives members the ability to reflect on daily household chores and routines, such as laundry, with daily energy use readings to highlight times of peak energy use. This information is very helpful when trying to identify low cost, no cost ways of saving on your electric bill.

The energy saving component is just one of many resources available to you on our member friendly SmartHub app. For more information, click here.