Ways to Save

Cooking Tips:

Food brings nourishment as well as joy to people, especially in south Mississippi. Adopt these tips and find more joy in energy savings.

Muffins on a pan
  • Use pot lids to help food cook faster on the stove. Make sure lids fit tightly.
  • Choose the right pot or pan to fit the stove's heating elements.
  • Turn off the kitchen exhaust fan when you are finished cooking.
  • Let time and temperature be your guide to avoid opening the oven door to check the food's progress. Opening the door makes the temperature drop.
  • Make use of the oven the entire time it is on. Put dessert in to bake when your entree comes out.
  • Keep food warm in the oven by taking advantage of the heat still there after you turn it off. Set the temperature to a low setting to keep food warm for a longer time period.
  • Use the appropriately sized oven for what you are cooking if your kitchen has more than one. Use the smaller one whenever possible.
  • Use microwaves, slow cookers and grills to prepare food when possible. These small appliances use less energy.
  • Grill food outdoors when weather allows to give your appliances and A/C a break.
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