Stay Safe. Stay Informed. Covid-19 News and Information

Our committment to our members

Our team at Singing River Electric is monitoring closely the everchanging news on COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We understand we provide a critical service to our communities. Our employees are committed not only to safety, but also uninterrupted, reliable service to our members.
Here are some resources you may need at this time:

All SRE drive-up lanes remain open during our normal business hours of 8 am to 5 pm. Our lobbies are closed to protect the communities and comply with social distancing. Call centers and member service representatives are available from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays and dispatch employees are on duty after hours to respond to power outages and emergencies 24/7.

Singing River Electric is committed to the safety of our communities, members and employees. We have taken measures to sterilize our office, close our lobbies, schedule our employees on staggered shifts and isolate critical departments to ensure their health and your continued electric service during this viral outbreak. We are following OSHA, CDC and state department of health guidelines.
Singing River Electric provides a critical service, one that is essential to our communities. We take this duty of powering homes and businesses in our communities seriously. We are prepared and will continue to provide reliable electric service daily. We understand the financial impact this virus may have on many of our members and are committed to work with all affected.
If you do not want to leave home and use our open drive-up lanes, we have many great alternatives: 
  • SmartHub mobile app can be downloaded at
  • Call centers are available by calling any SRE office during normal 8 am to 5 pm business hours.
  • Links and resources are available if you need help managing your bill. It is important to continue to pay on your accounts, even though disconnections are suspended, to avoid a larger financial burden later. Call any SRE member service representative. We are committed to assisting all members.

As a business that provides an essential service, we are committed to support our members and communities served. Singing River Electric has suspended disconnections to not only ensure uninterrupted service, but also to support local families during these stressful times.

  • Disconnections are suspended for a 60-day period beginning March 15, 2020. (The MSPSC extended the suspension through May 26, however, SRE had already extended the suspension into June.)
  • Members are still responsible for charges for services provided during that time.
  • Continue to pay on accounts and keep them current to avoid larger financial burdens later.
  • Member service representatives are available to assist all members. Call any SRE office during normal business hours.
  • If you need help managing your bill you can visit or learn more about our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Energy Assistance program.

Looking for a way to reach those in our community that are struggling? Our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Energy Assistance is an easy and economical way to help the elderly and those neighbors who cannot pay their electric bill. Simply check the box on the back of your billing statement or use the SmartHub app or website to round up your bill and help others. It averages only $6 per year and can make a big difference in such hard times.

Our commitment to education

As you work on home schooling or distance learning, here are a few educational and fun resources and activities to enjoy:

SRE is a proud partner with the Jackson County FabLab. Created by the Jackson County School District, it is a technical platform for STEAM education and workforce development that reaches beyond local communities and the JCSD area to reach into nearby communities across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.